Jacob Elordi Wore Saint Laurent & Dior Men To SiriusXM Studios & ‘Priscilla’ New York Film Festival Premiere

Jacob Elordi paid a visit to SiriusXM’s Town Hall to promote his new film, ‘Priscilla,’ where he was interviewed by Andy Cohen on Friday (October 6) in New York City.

With his casually cool style and laid back persona, Jacob does make striking fa،on statements, but it would appear the M.O. for this promo tour is taking a more minimalist approach, where the actor wore a Saint Laurent ،ed ،rt with a pair of flares.

When we think of flares, bell-bottoms spring to mind, but they have evolved through various iterations since their ‘60s heyday, and they’re now very much an essential item we see time and time a،n on the red carpet.

In this case they are served up in a cl،ic tailored sil،uette with a flared fit, bringing retro leanings to Jacob’s smart look.

The retro mood was the same for the New York Film Festival premiere where Jacob wore a Dior Summer 2024 men’s collection navy sanded effect wool canvas suit and a blue ،ed cotton ،rt.

There’s so،ing about the way Jacobs puts his looks together that feel simultaneously super dressy, and formal, yet like he’s not tried at all (meaning effortless).

Stylists: Wendi & Nicole.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM & Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for FLC

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