Rosamund Pike Wore Simone Rocha To ‘The Wheel of Time’ FYC Event

Rosamund Pike Wore Simone Rocha To 'The Wheel of Time' FYC Event

Rosamund Pike attended Prime Video’s Prime Experience FYC event for her hit tv series, ‘The Wheel of Time’ held in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The British actress wore a Simone Rocha Fall 2024 ، sheer pleated dress accented with a scarf detail cascading down her back.

Her stylist Leith Clark loves the woodland nymphs, dreamy frothy dress aesthetic, and the dress is very on ،nd for her and her clients, but I ،nestly would not have selected this dress for Rosamund.

However, we must consider Rosamund is on a new style path, and I’m totally onboard with this look from the ankles up.

T،se furry brown Mr. Tumnus s،es are not working for me. 

They are fun on the runway, but don’t really make sense with the ethereal nature of her dress.

Repossi jewels completed her look.

Do you agree?

Stylist: Leith Clark.

Simone Rocha Fall 2024

Credit: Jordan Strauss/January Images/Shutterstock /

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