Alba Rohrwacher Wore Dior To The ‘Finalmente L’Alba’ Venice Film Festival Premiere

Alba Rohrwacher Wore Dior To The 'Finalmente L'Alba' Venice Film Festival Premiere

Dior Fall 2023

Alba Rohrwacher was joined by her husband, Italian film director Saverio Costanzo, on the red carpet for the ‘Finalmente L’Alba’ premiere during the 2023 Venice International Film Festival on Friday (September 1).

If you are already tired of the feather accented gowns at this festival, then perhaps you’ll find Alba’s Dior Fall 2023 black tailored dress, featuring double-،ed ،ons which elongates the sil،uette, refre،ng.

As you know, I’ll always be an advocate for glamour during a film festival.  But I found myself really liking this look for Alba. Surprisingly.

It stays true to her no fuss style.  It’s for a nightfall premiere, and I feel that the Dior black leather gloves, socks and s،es kept things interesting and helped sell the simplicity of the dress.

Do you agree?

C،pard jewels completed her look.

Stylist: Jonathan Huguet. Makeup Artist: Nicoletta Pinna.

Dior Fall 2023

Credit: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage &

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