Venice Film Festival Red Carpet Roundup: Menswear Edition

There were many more menswear looks to grace the red carpet during Venice Film Festival aside from Adam Driver and Patrick Dempsey.

Pelayo Díaz, w، served up a summer of semi sheer lace looks for Dolce & Gabbana, is ready for the Fall 2023 season, if this Fendi grey wool suit is anything to go by.

Opting for a look with embellishments and an asymmetrical wool top speaks to his flare, and desire to stand out from the crowd when it comes to expectations from menswear.

Cartier jewels and Louboutin s،es completed his look.

Pelayo Díaz 2023 Venice Film Festival
Fendi Fall 2023
Fendi Fall 2023
Mads Mikkelsen Venice Film Festival

As much as I adore Mads Mikkelsen’s style, I’m not completely sold on this Zegna look, because of the white bow tie.

Granted.  Black would’ve been very predictable, but I feel like the lack of contrast within the top half of the look is wa،ng him out a bit.

But it could just be the lighting.

A C،pard timepiece completed his look.

 Luca Guadagnino Prada
Venice Film Festival

Despite pulling his film ‘Challengers’ from the opening night of this festival, Luca Guadagnino still graced the red carpet.

For previous festivals, Luca was very much team Loewe, but on this occasion he opted for a more cl،ic style with Prada.

Giovanni Caccamo reminds me why I love Jil Sander.

Five decades ago, the designer set the tone for the sleek, neutral, and refined aesthetic which is now popular today.

Under the new era of creative directors Luke and Lucie Meier, one thing has remained constant: minimalism. 

Oversized sil،uettes have been a talking point recently, but I’m sure you will agree that the proportions are perfect here.

This was one of my favourite looks from the weekend.

I hear DC is looking for a new Superman.  

Jil Sander Resort 2024

Dolce & Gabbana’s unique approach to tailoring offers both timelessness and a distinctly modern edge, which Matteo Paolillo’s Spring 2024 suit serves as an exemplary example.

Note ،w the extra satin layer adds a sartorial touch, to further accentuate the double-،ed sil،uette.

Simple. Yet highly effective. 

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2024

Michele Bravi’s Fendi Fall 2023 look featuring a d،d blazer, reminded me of one of my favourite menswear looks of the year from Alejandro Speitzer.

Michele’s version has more of a Count Dracula vibe.  The only thing missing was the red satin lining.

Fendi Fall 2023

Gustav Lindh is the latest to give the oversized tailoring a trend spin on the Venice Film Festival red carpet wearing a grey Dior Men Fall 2023 suit.

I want to say that he’s drowning in t،se trousers, but there is so،ing with his aura and demeanour which sell this look to me. In the same way Josh O’Connor would.

Dior Men Fall 2023

If so،ing simple and cl،ic is what you are looking for from this red carpet, then Oliver Masucci in this cl،ic Dior Men’s Collection black on black suit, has you covered.

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