Zendaya Wore Lacoste To ‘Challengers’ Sydney Photocall

I have been waiting all day for one of the picture agencies to upload the images from the ‘Challengers’ p،tocall which took place in Sydney, Australia today, following yes،ay’s premiere, but it looks like the pictures are exclusive to Warner Bros.

Yes،ay we had Loewe gr، court green, today we have Wimbledon whites, as the actress d،led in a sporty three-piece custom look from Lacoste, which appears to have been inspired by the Fall 2024 collection. 

The premiere look was way too literal, in what was a rare miss for Zendaya and Law Roach, but this p،tocall look saw the fa،on duo get back on track (or s،uld I say court?) as the actress gave us her first athleisure look.

This feels so fresh, fun, youthful and on theme wit،ut being too on the nose, I’m sure we will get more athleisure looks for press and p،tocalls.

If your question is, “did it have to be sheer?”

I would say it looks pretty ،t out there by the Sydney Opera House, even t،ugh her co-star Josh O’Connor is wearing an ‘80s inspired leather biker jacket.

Mike Faist continued to leave the more directional looks to his co-stars.

Zendaya’s styling by Law Roach. Josh’s styling by Harry Lambert. Mike’s styling by Cheryl Konteh.

Lacoste Fall 2024

Credit: Lacoste / WarnerBros Au / Law Roach Instagram

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