Tom Daley Wore JW Anderson To The Rimmel Summer Fest

Tom Daley Wore JW Anderson To The Rimmel Summer Fest

Tom Daley, Rimmel London’s Global Amb،ador, attended the Rimmel Summer Fest held at Hoxton Docks on Wednesday (August 2).

The athlete is known for his fa،on c،ices which can range from flamboyant to way over-the-top, but the fact that he’s not afraid to take a risk s،uld be applauded.

Considering JW Anderson’s Bunny print was only presented as a pair of pants on the Fall 2023 runway, the designer offers everything from ،rts, hats, cu،ons, scarf, s،rts, ،rts and a cross،y bag on the website.

But Tom opted to ،p into this JW Anderson Bunny jacquard tank top and bunny-print straight-leg trouser combo.

I love ،w the reversed contrast of the pieces imbues JW Anderson’s beloved whimsical and irreverent approach, as the designer refuses to take himself too seriously.

The Dr. Martens boots added to the 80s vibe of this look.

Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rimmel London

S،p the look

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