The Last Airbender’ LA Premiere

Arden C، wore Prada for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Air،’ world premiere took place at The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood on Thursday.

It was impossible to miss Arden C، w، looked gorgeous in this light green Prada gown rendered in the label’s favourite technical satin and column sil،uette.

I think we can now add trains to the list of signature elements of Prada’s custom red carpet gowns too.

You’re going to have to pick a battle when it comes to the platforms, because had she not worn platforms, we would be looking at a dent in the skirt as the gown would have been too long.

My only issue with these Prada platforms is that I wish they were in silver, to match her silver crystal embellished Prada clutch.

A B.P. DE SILVA Deco Darling aquamarine ring, along with earrings, a ،celet and ،les from De Beers Jewelry completed her look.

Iñaki Godoy wore GCDS for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

Iñaki Godoy stood out wearing a canary yellow GCDS Spring 2024 suit.  

The label is probably more known for the street style pieces, but the GCDS’ M.O. is apparent from the use of this joyful bright colour.

Considering this is a streetwear label, the oversized appearance of the trousers doesn’t surprise me.

Styled with sneakers, Iñaki makes this look work.

Styled by Juliet Vo.

GCDS Spring 2024
GCDS Spring 2024
Alicia Hannah-Kim in Le Thanh Hoa for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

Alicia Hannah-Kim wore a beautifully embellished Le Thanh Hoa two-piece look.

I know some of you are thinking, “this is very Kate Beckinsale-esque,” and I wouldn’t agree, but Alicia is selling this look to me.

Styled by Juliet Vo.

Le Thanh Hoa
Le Thanh Hoa
Gordon Cormier in SAAF GARMENTS for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

At only 14-years-old Gordon Cormier was serving up plenty of swag wearing a SAAF GARMENTS look.

“SAAF” means “clean” in Urdu, and that was my immediate t،ught on account of the modern, minimal and effortless design.

Styled by Juliet Vo.

Kiawentiio Tarbell in Evan Ducharme for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

17-year-old actress Kiawentiio Tarbell was serving up mermaid vibes in her custom Evan Ducharme gown featuring a hand-beaded corset which she styled with Dean Davidson rings.

Styled by Benjamin Holtrop.

Yvonne Chapman in Silvia Tcher،i for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

Yvonne Chapman brought the sarong skirt back to the red carpet wearing a Silvia Tcher،i abstract print look which we’ve seen on Eva Longoria in a different colour-way.

Silvia Tcher،i Fall 2023
Silvia Tcher،i Fall 2023
Elizabeth Yu in Lisa N. Hoang for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

There is so much going on here, that I feel Elizabeth Yu’s Lisa N. Hoang gown needed to be one colour.  

In this case: red.

Styled by Juliet Vo.

Momona Tamada for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

As s،wcased by Momona Tamada.

Daniel Dae Kim for the 'Avatar: The Last Air،' LA Premiere

I’m imagining Daniel Dae Kim in the maroon ،ed suit with a maroon cashmere turtleneck.

Credit: Alberto Rodriguez/Variety via Getty Images / Jerod Harris/Getty Images / / Kayla Oaddams/WireImage

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