Taylor Russell Wore The Row To ‘The Effect’ Opening Night

Taylor Russell Wore The Row To 'The Effect' Opening Night

Taylor Russell’s love affair with all things The Row for ‘The Effect’ continued at the New York opening night, following her London opener back in August.

On this occasion the look was a lot less cluttered, presenting a truer reflection of The Row’s elevated and minimal approach to timeless pieces.

Exuding an effortlessness and elegance, I love ،w the dress falls languidly over her ،y, with the d،d neckline preventing this look from being nondescript.

Opting not to wear the gloves was a good c،ice, especially considering this was quite a low-key event.

Did Taylor sell this minimalist look to you?

Or do you think that the dress is too long, and simple for someone with her sartorial style?

The Row Fall 2024

Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images / Vogue.com

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