Sofia Vergara Wore Laura Basci To The ‘Griselda’ Miami Premiere

Sofia Vergara Wore Laura Basci To The 'Griselda' Miami Premiere

I don’t know what I was expecting when Sofia Vergara stepped onto the red carpet for the ‘Griselda’ premiere, but looking at the actress on Tuesday at the Miami premiere, I know this isn’t what I had in mind.

This custom gold strapless gown by Laura Basci has a simmering ،y appeal; it’s not her signature mermaid gown, it’s not embellished: so, what was I expecting?

I’m not entirely sure, but I was expecting a wow moment.

I looked at this for a while and wanted for so،ing to hit me, but ultimately, I decided that the dress is fine, but what was missing was perhaps a statement necklace or a different hairstyle.

I think the issue is that it’s almost too bare for Sofia.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Or maybe this is the new Sofia. Quiet sultry.

Credit: Mireya Acierto/WireImage

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