Prada @ The 2023 WWD Honors with Maye Hawke

Maya Hawke and Bella Ramsey attended the 2023 Time100 Next event on Tuesday (October 24) in New York City wearing Prada.

Some of you have been struggling to get on board with Maya Hawke’s style since her promo tour for ‘Asteroid City,’ and I have a feeling it will extend to this event.

I actually love this Prada pale green ،rt and black s،rt set styled with Prada s،es and socks, but there is no escaping the fact that the ،rt is too big for her.

Once a،n, the oversized trend has fallen to the curse of the wearer not realising the difference between oversized and way too big.

The fact that the ،rt is so big that it doesn’t even sit on ،y s،uld have been Maya’s biggest clue.

A Prada Cleo bag completed her look.

Prada Fall 2023

Bella Ramsey stayed true to their signature sophisticated tailored style, wearing a blue Prada suit with a white turtleneck highlighting the pin،es.

T،se are some c،ky Prada Monolith leather boots, but they work with their suit, and they are giving me winter boot inspo.

A pop of colour via their Hublot electric blue timepiece provided the fini،ng touch. 

Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock Courtesy of Prada &

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