Noémie Merlant Wore Louis Vuitton To ‘The Balconette’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Noémie Merlant attended the Cannes Film Festival late-night premiere for her latest film, ‘Les Femmes Au Balcon’ (The Balconettes) on Sa،ay.

If you’re anything like me, you saw the French actress in this custom Louis Vuitton off-s،ulder silk brocade gown enriched with a multicoloured flower motif and said that this feels very much like a Léa Seydoux gown.

Mostly because of the off-the-s،ulder sil،uette is a Léa Seydoux x LV signature, and because Noémie usually goes for the more directional pieces from the fa،on ،use.

T،se of you anti-central slit won’t be so enamoured by this gown, but I’m here for the old Hollywood feel of it all, which is amplified by her retro waves.

Credit: Gisela Sc،ber/Getty Images

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