Michelle Williams Wore Schiaparelli To The 2023 Gotham Awards

Mic،e Williams Wore Sch،arelli To The 2023 Gotham Awards

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If you had told me that Greta Gerwig and Mic،e Williams were going to serve up PBs on the red carpet for the 2023 Gotham Awards on Monday (November 27), I would not have believed you, but that is exactly what happened.

A black dress on Mic،e can usually lead to so،ing that’s a bit uneventful, but she looked beautiful, and surprisingly, 6ft tall wearing this Sch،arelli Fall 2023 look.

It looks like Kate Young opted to change the embellished ruched skirt we saw on the runway and styled the bustier top encrusted featuring tonal crested ،s, with a simpler pencil skirt.

This was the better outcome considering Mic،e’s no-fuss style and keeps the focus on both the bustier and the Belperron Spiral Torque necklace.

Would you add this look to Mic،e’s Hall of Fame?

Stylist: Kate Young. 

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images & Vogue.com

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