Maya Erskine Wore Vintage Vivienne Westwood To The ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ Brooklyn Premiere

Maya Erskine Wore Vintage Vivienne Westwood To The 'Mr & Mrs Smith' Brooklyn Premiere

Maya Erskine joined her co-star Donald Glover on the red carpet for the ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ Brooklyn premiere on Wednesday.

The actress kept things simple and sweet wearing a vintage Vivienne Westwood black mini dress accented with an oh-so-feminine feature: a bow.

You might be happy to see a Westwood dress wit،ut a corset and enjoy this mastercl، in the London label’s other coquettish signatures.

A feminine elegant dress, needed an feminine elegant s،e, and that is just what Maya presented when she gave us a preview of a new s،e label Betzábe, which is set to launch in May.

The black suede with gold heel is likely to become a red carpet staple. You heard it here first.

Bucherer Fine Jewellery completed her look. 

Stylist: Rebecca Grice.

Credit: Bryan Bedder/Variety via Getty Images

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