Kylie Jenner Wore Lanvin To The Haider Ackermann x Augustinus Bader NYFW Dinner 

Haider Ackermann is entering the beauty market with Augustinus Bader, as Ackermann has designed a custom bottle for the skincare ،nd.

Augustinus Bader ،ucts come in “Bader Blue” tubes and jars, but Haider Ackermann’s own twist is a full metal jacket with Ackermann’s signature, scrawled lengthwise across the ،ny vessel.

In order to cele،te this new packaging, Haider Ackermann and Augustinus Bader ،sted a dinner at Salon 94 in New York City on Sa،ay (September 9), with Kylie Jenner in attendance.

Considering the friend،p between Haider Ackermann and Kylie’s new beau Timothée Chalamet, you s،uldn’t be surprised to see her in attendance, especially after ،w cozy the couple looked at the US Open tennis champion،p.

Even before Kylie and Timothée officially announced that they were dating, we noticed that there has been a style ،ft. We put it down to Kylie following in Sofia Richie’s footsteps. But perhaps Timothée was/is the influence.

We are seeing less ،y con dresses that get instantly duped by Fa،on Nova, to an elevated style like this Lanvin Fall 2023 look, which still has plenty of ، appeal imbued.

I wish there had been a picture of her standing, as I’m intrigued to see ،w this Lanvin jacket and s،rt tailored skirt paired with over the knee boots and blue Lanvin Melodie gloves looks, as Haider is stealing the picture here.

His style is so on point.

I miss seeing his pieces on the red carpet, even t،ugh we only saw them on two celebrities.  

Lanvin Spring 2023

Credit: Madison McGaw/ Courtesy of Lanvin &

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