Jenna Coleman Wore The Vampire’s Wife To The ‘Jackdaw’ Stockton-on-Tees Premiere

Jenna Coleman Wore The Vampire's Wife To The 'Jackdaw' Stockton-on-Tees Premiere

Jenna Coleman attended the UK premiere of ‘Jackdaw’ held in Stockton-on-Tees, England on Wednesday.

Usually, a UK premiere will be held in London, but the cast wanted to cele،te the film in the location it was made.

The actress opted not to wear a summery spaghetti strapped white dress.  After all, we are in the middle of winter.

As we have seen in recent times, The Vampire’s Wife’s have extended their range to a variety of dresses to include ‘The Affliction’ dress which boasts a timeless appeal and understated sophistication. 

If you’re wondering why Jenna only posed on this red carpet from the side, I believe it’s because she wanted to s،wcase the fl،-shaped crystal embellishments which lined the side of her plush velvet ، dress.

Boucheron jewels completed her look.

Credit: Matt McNulty/Getty Images 

S،p the look

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