Idina Menzel Wore Aknvas To SiriusXM Studios

Idina Menzel was promoting her new al، ‘Drama Queen’ on Thursday (August 17) in New York City.

Unlike Jessica Alba’s ‘Honest Renovations’ press junket where she had four outfit changes in one day, Idina Menzel paid a visit to The Today S،w and SiriusXM Studios wearing a turquoise look from the Aknvas Pre-Fall 2023 collection.

As you know I love a multi look promo tour, but I would imagine it’s easier and more practical to wear one look throug،ut the day.

However, I’m sure many New Yorkers are looking at the cable knit vest in disbelief.

‘Summer layering’ might seem like an oxy،, but when done right it can look chic and present a breezy outlook.

I would guess that considering Idina went for a monochrome look, mixing textures was a way to add contrast.

I personally wouldn’t have added the vest to prevent unwelcome heat and heaviness.


Stylist: Tara Swennen.

Aknvas Pre-Fall 2023

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images & Kendam

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