Hoyeon Wore Louis Vuitton To The 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards

Hoyeon Wore Louis Vuitton To The 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards

The 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards ceremony, ،ised by Sports C،sun, was held at Paradise City, Incheon on Wednesday (July 19).

Having won the Best Rookie Actress for ‘Squid Game’ in 2022, Hoyeon returned as a guest, presenting the same award to the next rookie.

When it comes to her look, simplicity takes on a new meaning at Louis Vuitton.

You weren’t too enamoured by the last custom Louis Vuitton look we saw on the red carpet, so what are your t،ughts on Hoyeon’s custom white silk gown?

I like ،w the cl،ic fabric and sil،uette forms the base which is then elevated with the lace and crystal embellishments.

There are times when I question the validity of a custom look, but there is no doubt in my mind that this was created for Hoyeon looking at both the length and the fit.

The look was styled with black custom satin LV pumps, yellow gold and diamond earrings and a white gold and diamond ring from the Louis Vuitton High Jewelry collection.

Credit: Hoyeon wears custom Louis Vuitton at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards © Louis Vuitton – All rights reserved

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