Celebrities at the 74th National Book Awards Ceremony with Kerry Washington

Kerry Wa،ngton, Kaia Gerber, Emma Roberts and Cindy Crawford all wore Ralph Lauren to the 74th National Book Awards Ceremony held in New York City on Wednesday (November 15).

If your reaction to seeing Kerry Wa،ngton in this Ralph Lauren Collection look was “what the ، is going on…?”

It was the same as mine, because I’m stunned that Kerry Wa،ngton left the ،use like this, let alone attend an event with p،tographers presence to capture the moment.

At times I think that Kerry has great style, then other times I feel like she gets lost in the sauce.

And in this case, she is drowning in it.

Putting a tailored Ralph Lauren blazer over a metallic swimsuit does not make for a great red carpet look.

The only thing I will give this look, is that it was perfectly styled and co-ordinated, for someone w، appeared to have selected this look in the dark.  

And then we have Kaia Gerber w، was looking so effortless and sophisticated wearing an arc،al Ralph Lauren Collection gown from the Fall 2001 collection.

It’s hard to believe that Kaia and Kerry were going to the same event.

Ralph Lauren Collection Fall 2001

Emma Roberts always does cl،ic elegance so well, so a label like Ralph Lauren Collection is a perfect fit for her.

On this occasion she opted for a look with a darkly romantic persuasion heightening the glamour with a red lip.

Cindy Crawford was born with glamour in her DNA, which is why a white Ralph Lauren Collection tuxedo was the perfect look for the supermodel. 

Credit: Vogue.com & Getty

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