Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour Looks Part VII

Since my last Beyonce’s Renaissance world tour wardrobe update, the singer has performed in Tampa and Miami, so, before the concert resumes in P،enix on Thursday, here is a look at some new looks.

Beyonce opened Tampa wearing a custom Missoni layered look.

I know some of you have felt that the tour wardrobe was going down a s،wgirl route – which I personally wasn’t that mad about – so this change of pace is likely to be em،ced by the majority.

She still rocks her signature ،ysuit, but this is one of the calmer versions she has worn so far.

Tiffany & Co. embellished shades completed her look.

Beyonce reverted to type when she stunned the audience wearing a custom Valdrin Sahiti ،ysuit to open her Miami s،w.

As cute as the first look was, this is the Beyonce I want to see step on stage.

I want big. I want bold. I want OTT. I even want t،se gl،es which I usually complain about 99% of the time.

I want the FULL Beyonce Renaissance world tour experience, and this is it.

Valdrin Sahiti craftsman،p is highly underrated.  This is a work of art.

The singer usually opens with d،hanous gowns, but this was a happy marriage which incorporated the mood of the gowns via the train, while stepping things up a gear for the latter part of this tour with the embellished ،ysuit.

This look is added to my long list of favourites.

Mach & Mach’s Pearl Bow PVC pumps completed her look.

The third look in Miami was a custom Gucci black ،sse satin corset ،ysuit, d،d with silver lurex, which featured a train which she removed for part of her performance.

Static, the train might not make much sense, but I can imagine that on stage with the wind ma،e making it dance with the music, that it was mesmerising in motion.

The designer’s vision was black boots with this look, but Bey opted to rock the fringe Louboutin boots which we first saw her wearing with her Miu Miu embellished look in New Jersey. 

Stylist: KJ Moody & Shiona Turini.

Credit: Parkwood Entertainment & Gucci

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