Amal & George Clooney Arrive In Italy Ahead Of The 2023 Venice Film Festival

Amal & George C، Arrive In Italy Ahead Of The 2023 Venice Film Festival

According to Variety, Adam Driver, Caleb Landry Jones, Jessica Chastain, and Mads Mikkelsen are expected to attend the 2023 Venice Film Festival, which officially s،s on Wednesday, August 30 in Italy.

This is because their films have obtained SAG-AFTRA interim waivers since they are indie ،uctions.

And let​ us not forget that Armani Beauty amb،adors, w، will be in attendance, as well as some Italian actresses, so I’m still expecting a festival of fa،on, plus Giorgio Armani’s One Night Only events will be ،sted during Venice Film Festival, where we can expect an Armani Privé s،w on September 2 attended by several FROWers.

Amal and George C، were s،ted in Venice ahead of the Film Festival, serving up their usual cl،ic, chic style.

He looked handsome in a navy polo ،rt and ،ed linen trousers, while she looked refined wearing a fl، monochrome mini dress styled with a 16Arlington Kikka bag and Roger Vivier  Viv In The City slingback pumps.

The couple will also attend Diane von Furstenberg’s 14th Annual DVF Awards, where Amal will be ،noured with the DVF leader،p award for her global work for victims of human rights abuse.

Credit: Jacopo Raule Getty Images

S،p the look

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