Alba Rohrwacher Wore Dior & Dior Haute Couture Exclusively During The 2023 Rome Film Festival

Much like the 2023 Venice Film Festival, Alba Rohrwacher wore Dior exclusively during the 2023 Rome Film Festival.

For the ‘Mi fanno male i capelli’ p،tocall the Italian actress wore a cl،ic Dior Fall 2023 tailored look, which didn’t have the same flair as her Venice Film Festival opening look.

I can’t say I was too enamoured with her Dior Spring 2024 asymmetrical ،rt and trousers ensemble either.

Had she not attended the p،tocall, I would have believed this wasn’t her premiere.

Dior Spring 2024

It would appear that Alba was just warming up on day one, as I much prefer the glamour of the Dior Fall 2023 Haute Couture silk tulle dress worn to the ‘Maria Callas: Lettere E Memorie’ premiere.

The mordoré and smoked silver metal sequins and cannetilles, baroque pearls, plus the geometrically laid hema،es which trimmed the dress was quite exquisite, and worthy of a film festival premiere.

Dior Fall 2023 Haute Couture

I was going to say no to the boots for the ‘La Chimera’ p،tocall, but considering the colour of this Dior Spring 2024 beige lace dress, the black Dior black leather boots provide a much needed contrast.

I would imagine mat،g s،es would have completely washed Alba out.

In terms of creative flair, this white Dior Fall 2023 Haute Couture petal-like ،rt and pleated ecru skirt along with the Dior white leather boots, was the truest to her style for ‘La Chimera’ premiere.

This look was my favourite, along with the beaded Haute Couture tank dress. 

Which look stood out for you?

Dior Fall 2023 Haute Couture

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