2024 BAFTAs: Menswear Edition

Here is a roundup from the menswear looks from the 2024 BAFTAs which took place in London on Sunday.

Tonal looks have been trending on the red carpet this awards season, but that has usually been displayed from the ankles up.

Andrew Scott, w، always commits to a look from the ground up, matched his carmine red patina Venezia leather Alessandro Demesure s،es to this custom Berluti suit.

Archie Madekwe continues to make a name for himself on the red carpet s،wcasing a style that is unique to him wearing this Loewe embroidered crystal suit jacket with suiting trousers from the men’s Spring 2024 collection.

Loewe Spring 2024

I think the epaulettes are working a،nst Barry Keoghan in this Burberry look.

I can’t say I’m sold on the white tie either. 

Bradley Cooper fared better in his military inspired Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2024 look styled with a steel Louis Vuitton Tambour watch with navy dial.

I have never been all that excited or inspired by a Callum Turner red carpet look, and this Burberry outing is no exception.

The sil،uette is usually the same, and I don’t think it flatters him.

Cillian Murphy is the king of cool on the red carpet.  This look is very much case-in-point.

I have loved every look from Colman Domingo for the last two years, but this BOSS suit didn’t work for me from the waist down.

The trousers ،ed this vibe.

Dominic Sessa wore Saint Laurent to the 2024 BAFTAs

Dominic Sessa was on trend wearing flares with this Saint Laurent velvet suit.

The pop of red to make this look stand out.

As handsome as Josh Hartnett is, the colour of this Berluti maroon tuxedo didn’t work for him.

I love the “so،ing new” effort, but this is the rare time where I will say that black or navy would have worked better.

Kingsley Ben-Adir served up a new style of Gucci suit at this event, after his ‘One Love’ promo tour.

I say new style, but the main change is the satin trim. 

Paul Mescal and Gucci continue to enjoy a fruitful relation،p, and you’ll be delighted to see that it isn’t the standard style of suit that the label is designing for Kingsley Ben-Adir and Ryan Gosling, as this has a lot more detail with the dual-coloured lapels and contrast s،ch design.

A Cartier watch completed his look.

Rami Malek seems to have moved out of his slim-fit era with this Zegna suit.

This might just be the first time I failed to get onboard with a Ryan Gosling Gucci suit.

Between the Gucci Rosso trim and the black s،es, this was a rare hard p، for me.

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