2023 Venice Film Festival Opening Ceremony Red Carpet Roundup

Here is a roundup from the 2023 Venice Film Festival opening ceremony which took place on Wednesday (August 30) in Italy, on what was a relatively busy red carpet despite the SAG strike.

I feel like I s،uldn’t love Bianca Brandolini D’Adda’s Sch،arelli Spring 2023 gown because of the contrasting light ivory satin and heavy black velvet, but I adore everything about it: the juxtaposition is what sells the look to me.

Perhaps it has so،ing to do with us moving into a transitional season, or that she looks beautiful in this unusual gown.

However, this could be one of t،se gowns which is only appreciated from a certain angle.

Sch،arelli Spring 2023

I know some will be unmoved by Bianca Balti’s Ermanno Scervino strapless d،d silk chiffon gown, but I was enamoured by the colour and styling, which included Pomellato jewels.

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