Sandra Hüller Wore Bottega Veneta To ‘The Zone Of Interest’ New York Film Festival Premiere

Sandra Hüller continued to promote her film, ‘The Zone Of Interest’ during the New York Film Festival on Sunday (October 8) following the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

You may remember that the German actress had five looks during Cannes, and four of them were custom Louis Vuitton looks.

But on this occasion, she opted to wear a Bottega Veneta compact wool jacket and wide leg trousers from the Fall 2023 collection.

It’s always kinda hard to judge someone’s style when you are introduced to them for the first time during a festival such as Cannes, because the M.O. is high glamour for every outing.

However, my spider senses are telling me that this tailored Bottega Veneta suit is a more natural fit for Sandra’s day-to-day red carpet style.

Some of you might be looking at the jacket with the feeling that it is a little too big, but looking at the runway, you can see that the desired fit is that supremely relaxed, ‘80s inspired tailoring, which continues to trend on the red carpet.

It looks like Sandra opted to counter the oversized nature just a bit with the turned-up sleeves, plus placing her hand in the pocket, but overall, I’m sold on the look.

Especially considering Sandra styled her suit with the Bottega Veneta bubble necklace we saw on the runway.

Bottega Veneta Fall 2023

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for FLC &

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