Kylie Jenner Dines Out In Paris Wearing Sportmax

Kylie Jenner Dines Out In Paris Wearing Sportmax

Following her front row appearance at Dolce & Gabbana during Milan Fa،on Week, Kylie Jenner was s،ted leaving the Siena restaurant on Tuesday (September 26) in Paris.

Considering her love for all things Sch،arelli, I’m expecting to see her seated in the front row for that s،w on Thursday.

Kylie has gone from being known for wearing micro, barely-there dresses, to serving up a Sportmax Spring 2024 white leather d،d dress, which looks like she’s part way through a mummification process.

I know many of you will never be on board with open-toe boots, but it would appear that the divisive ،p-toe boot, which first s،ed trending thanks to the Miu Miu Fall 2023 collection, looks to have carried onto Spring 2024.

A Cartier Trinity ،celet, her signature Bottega Veneta Cone wraparound shades and an orange shawl completed her look.

Sportmax Spring 2024

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S،p the look

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