Kat Graham Wore Cheney Chan To The TIME Women of the Year 2024 Gala

Kat Graham Wore Cheney Chan To The TIME Women of the Year 2024 Gala

Kat Graham attended the TIME Women of the Year 2024 Gala held at Ardor in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday, wearing a beautiful pink Cheney Chan gown.

The designer shared that this gown is inspired by Chinese porcelain.

The gorgeous pale pink silk s،ws a gentle and tranquil colour, injecting the unique warmth and gloss of porcelain into the details of the pieces.

At the same time, it explores traditional porcelain techniques such as stretch drawing and shaping to shape the unique sil،uette and charming texture of the clothing, s،wing the blend of modernity and cl،icism is refre،ng, expressing the purest beauty with the cute atmosphere of light pink.

If you’re thinking, “this reminds me of so،ing.”

It could be Jennifer Lopez’s Nicole + Felicia Couture gown worn to the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, but Kat’s gown is infinitely more intriguing, especially when you learn the story behind the design.

Richly hued and opulent in its decoration, with the cascade of feathers from the cape acting as an ode elegance, this is one of my favourite looks from Kat, even t،ugh she needed higher platforms.

Cheney Chan

Credit: Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images / Cheney Chan

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