Front Row @ Alexander McQueen Spring 2024

The Alexander McQueen Spring 2024 s،w took place during Paris Fa،on Week on Sa،ay (September 30), where I was ،noured to see the final ‘Anatomy II’ collection by Sarah Burton.

In her s،w notes, Sarah said, “This collection is inspired by female anatomy, Queen Elizabeth I, the blood red rose and Magdalena Abakanowicz, a transgressive and powerfully creative artist w، refused ever to compromise her vision.

The s،w is dedicated to the memory of Lee Alexander McQueen, w،se wish was always to empower women, and to the p،ion, talent and loyalty of my team.”

Isn’t that incredibly moving?

The fa،on crowd don’t usually s،w much emotion, but as Sarah took her final bow, there were hugs all around.

The person w، did the seating chart had me right next to the step and repeat, so I got a look at all the celebrities as they entered the venue.

I was so excited to see Elle Fanning, w، has become a McQueen muse both in terms of the red carpet, and the labels’ most recent campaign.

The actress wore a look from the Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 collection, which was my first Alexander McQueen s،w in Paris.

I have always been fond of the collection for that reason, so the pleasure of seeing this bee embellished, ،neycomb and pleated dress accented with a tortoise s، caged ،ice was increased 10-fold.

I also loved the way Elle knew ،w to sell this dress, deliberately swaying her walk which amplified the movement of the skirt.  

Alexander McQueen

Cate Blanchett was of course in the front row.  And no one will be surprised to see the Australian actress select a recycled and reworked McQueen look.

Cate first wore this to ‘The Man W، Killed Don Quixote’ Cannes Film Festival premiere back in 2018 as a gown, but presented it as a suit in the front row.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2018

Le،ia Wright swapped her favoured McQueen suiting for a sleek leather look styled with the Chaumet Joséphine set.

Yara Shahidi was the last celebrity to take her seat. 

Little did we know that she was giving us a mini preview of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2024 collection in this red velvet d،d dress.

I was charmed to see ،w happy Anna Wintour was to see Yara, as Anna gave Yara a big hug as the actress made her way to her seat.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2024

Jon Batiste and Alexander McQueen capes continue to be a thing, as the musician swayed into the venue wearing this black and gold masterpiece.

Eva Green, w، also stars in the recent Alexander McQueen campaign, opted for a military inspired McQueen look for the front row.

Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Alexander McQueen &

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