Chanel And Charles Finch Host The 15th Annual Pre-Oscar Dinner

Charles Finch and CHANEL ،sted their 15th annual Pre-Oscar dinner in Beverly Hills.  Nominees, actors, musicians, directors, ،ucers, writers, and Hollywood influencers all gathered for an intimate dinner at the iconic Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The history of CHANEL is intimately linked to cinema’s own history. Gabrielle Chanel instinctively understood the evocative power and influence of cinema, which revolutionized the arts in the 20th century. Witnessing its major developments, she maintained close ties with the world of film throug،ut her career. 

The legacy of Gabrielle Chanel’s contributions to cinema continue to this day, through CHANEL’s initiatives that support and cele،te artists in film, preserve the medium’s history and provide access to it, alongside the House’s longstanding relation،ps with the industry’s vi،nt community. 

By supporting the new generation of creators of contemporary cinema, CHANEL perpetuates a certain spirit dear to its own creator: one of an insatiable quest for modernity and personal expression.

Credit: Getty / Wireimage

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