Ariana Grande Wore Balenciaga Haute Couture On The Set Of ‘Wicked’

Ariana Grande Wore Balenciaga Haute Couture On The Set Of 'Wicked'

I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting the first instalment of the film ‘Wicked,’ which is set to be released on November 27, 2024.

I mean a promo tour with Cynthia Ervio, Ariana Grande and Mic،e Yeoh s،uld be very exciting.  Hopefully we get a world tour.

While we await said promo tour, Ariana has been sharing some of her recent looks on Instagram.

The caption for this post read, “𖦹 ☼ ⋆。˚⋆ฺ ∞ ☼” which gave away nothing away, but I can tell by that gloomy sky, that she is still in London, and I would guess on set judging by the trailer in the background.

This makes me wonder if this pink Balenciaga Fall 2023 Haute Couture strapless gown is a costume, or if Ariana was en route to somewhere fancy where she could dance the night away and get lost in the tulle after a hard day’s work.

Either way I kinda wish she had saved this for her promo tour, as it has the magic and sparkle I was expecting from her once she took this film on the road, but so،ing tells me that we will see Ariana opt for princess style ball gowns.

What do you think?

Smiling Rocks jewels and pink pumps completed her look.

You may remember that Nicole Kidman wore the blue version of this dress to the Kering Foundation Second Annual Caring For Women Dinner back in September.

Balenciaga Fall 2023 Haute Couture

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